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    Finally installed the Seat Leon Mk1 Car Computer today, and after some weird niggles (ie the screen would be on during Bios post and Windows loading and then would have no signal whilst in windows, solved by bios option and shorter vid cable) it seems it is all working...APART from the feedback when my mic is on.

    I'm using a turtle beach Roadie, which is going into a JBL 4000 amp to power the speakers. the Roadie, Amp and Pc are in the boot/trunk.

    My mic is situated up front my my sunvisor, however when i turn on the mic i get this god awful screeching noise...even when the mic volume is on its lowest setting.

    Any ideas?? Can i run my mic into my motherboard mic effectively using the roadie for 5.1 output and the onboard for the input or will this solve nothing.

    Please help!!!


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    Try it

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