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Thread: so i fried my cd deck..

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    so i fried my cd deck..

    well.. i have a 1989 bmw 325i, and i had been given an amp from a roommate so i decided to hook up the amp to my 8 inch woofer.. well i tried yesterday and failed. so i went and bought a wiring kit today and i managed to hook everthing up, it sounded beautiful.. it sounded so good i decided leave the battery connected to the car, and continuing wiring speakers(STUPID!) ... so i had connected the amp to the speaker below the rear windshield, and the speaker wire from the Stereo touched the speaker wire from the amp... it sparked, and all of a sudden the speakers from the stereo cut out.. i turned the keys to the off position and turned it back on... no power to the stereo and i was given a burning cloud of smoke from the cd deck.. i quickly unattached the battery from the car.. so a few hours later i reconnected everything and no go for power on the stereo, so i checked all the fuses, all fixed.. no go. i assume i will need a new stereo, i was wondering about any kind of electrical damage i may have caused that will not work when i go to wire my new cd deck.

    if only i had left the damn battery unplugged....

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    There are fuses to protect the power wires going to the stereo. If it happened that quickly, there probably wasn't enough time for any wire-melting or what not. I would be surprised if anything more than the deck was damaged.
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