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Thread: Car sub problems

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    Car sub problems

    New user on this forum so first of all hello everyone

    Bought this kit about a month ago and set it up on the day,

    Ok itís not going to be a quality model at £160 but it gives a real nice rumble in the car and outside.

    having a couple of problems though, I want the bass to punch a bit more and I think I may be doing it wrong by using it in stereo mode in a dual box with no divider.

    Ok so the layout is

    Main battery > Fuse > Power Cap > Fuse > AMP > Speakers.

    The amp has a stereo RCA output from my head unit tats named "sub output", so I have one sub on the R connector and the other on the L connecter, this is where I think were Iím messing up most.

    There is no mono/stereo switch should I just put both subs on one connector?

    I also have the amp set to LPF mode only and not HPF/LPF mix and the frequency I believe is tweaked to 40hz or so, the amp output is of course at max but I did wear the subs in properly

    So any suggestions?

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    Usually you use the positive from the first and the negative from the second to Bridge without a switch. There is usually a line across the top of the outputs reffering to this configuration.
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    You are correct... For a sub setup, stereo is useless. For the most part your bass is going to be omni-directional. Plus, your amp is going to be used more efficiently in bridged mode. (well, you'll get more out of it...)

    Also, there is a proper way to set the gains on the amp... Simply cranking it up all the way is going to do damage to something, or at least promote/introduce distortion.
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    2 fuses??? 1 should be enough at the battery, and breakers are better than fuses.

    bigger subs wont give you the hard punchy bass that smaller say 10" subs might, unless you really drive them correctly.

    running your amp bridged in mono and the subs
    here is a guide for working out speaker wiring

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    I have an amp and two 12" subs and the subs dont seem to hit at all. I think i might not have it hooked up right. Can someone help?

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    there are many guides online that might help, otherwise, i recommend locating a local car audio shop that is willing to look at it.

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