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Thread: 1998 BMW 316 head unit

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    1998 BMW 316 head unit


    i have recently recieved a head unit from a 1998 BMW 316 series, but cant find any information on the pinout, and would like to put this in another car.

    it has eurovox model #: 8690B on it.

    see pics:

    if you have any idea, plese let me know.

    i have been trawling this site for months, and do realise this isnt a specific car audio site, but i thought i may as well ask here before joining other specific sites.


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    I'll tell you that the rectangular white connector is power input and audio signal output (to speakers or external amp). The small round connector is for the CD changer connection - data in and out and audio signal in. I couldn't find a diagram to help you on this one. If you had the harness from the car, you'd have more information - the wire colors - which I might be able to get you some info on.

    I'd try your question on a radio install forum, or maybe a BMW forum.

    Good Luck.
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    thanks mate

    i was thinking along those lines, but need to know the specifics of the white connector.
    i dont have access to the car or harness, but i will try on a different forum.

    thanks for your help

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