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Thread: sound cuts out when volume turned up to high

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    sound cuts out when volume turned up to high

    Alright, so me and a friend were trying to replace the default sound system on his 87 jetta. We've got two pioneer speakers and a > headunit.

    Anyway, two problems. The first problem was that the fuse would blow after playing music for a minute or two, we got around this by taking the memory 12v line off the B+ cable and hooked it up to the regular 12v lead. The main 12V power line on the headunit AND the memory line are both on the single 12v line currently.

    When we turn up the volume past 40 or so the sound chops out and won't play unless the music gets quieter or we turn down the volume. This same thing happened when we had the memory power line coming off the B+ cable but the fuse blew pretty quick after that. We tried with a 3 amp fuse (instead of a .5) and it didn't blow although we had the same problem we are having now with the sound cutting out.

    i'm not really an expert on car audio so here is the specs of the stuff we installed so you smarties can figure it out.

    100W "dual" brand AM/FM cd receiver
    operating voltage:11-16VDC
    speaker impedance: 4-8 ohms
    fuses: .5 amp fast blow AGB, 5 amp fast blow AGC

    2X 120W MAX pioneer 4" two way speakers
    4 ohms 87db sensetivity

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    One thing you should check are the speaker's nominal power rating as these are the most important.
    What the nominal rating is actually how much wattage the speakers can take continuously. If it is not over 50 then that is why your fuses are being blown.
    The reason for this is that your audio receiver delivers 100 Watts total power (50 watt per speaker) but if your speakers can only take 35 or 40 continuously, then the fuse will eventually be blown as it will deliver too much power then the speakers can handle.

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    Actually sounds to me like you've got a short somewhere. The only time I've ever seen problems like this with a new unit and no short the HU was hooked up wrong.
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