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Thread: New Radio for my 05 Altima

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    New Radio for my 05 Altima

    I'm new here, I just started reading this board a week ago, I found some quite interesting projects here... thats exaclty why I had to post here. I love this type of stuff. So this is what I wanted to know, I haven't seen anyone outside of here change out the stock radio for an aftermarket one. I'm looking to do that in the very near future, and I wanted to see what it looks like. I seen one pic on here and I really didn't like the way it looked. I will be using a single din radio, I would love to get a touch screen with Navi, but little out of my budget right now. Does anyone have pix of what the 05 Altima with a single din radio looks like?

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    Thanks for all the replies... I just got a new sony radio... ahh who cares.

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