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Thread: Using Dist Block And Connecting Subs

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    Using Dist Block And Connecting Subs

    Okay, I'm about to purchase a enclosure with two 12 inch kickers that are rated at 400 watts a piece (And have been wired down to 2 ohms with one 2 ohm speaker output) and an MTX amp which is rated at 800x1 @ 2 ohms. I also have 4 gauge wire fused at 100 amps running from battery to an unfused dist block. Here is a link to the sub and amp:



    What I'm having trouble figuring out is, the gauge of wire to run to each amp. Crutchfield says I can run 4 gauge to the mtx and 8 gauge to my Profile AP1040 AMP. Today I was told that I Could use my existing dist block to run one 8 gauge wire to the AP1040 and a 4 gauge wire to my MTX. Confused because I always thought that when running 4 gauge wire to a dist block, you must branch it off into 8 gauge wire.

    The profile AP1040 has two 30 amp fuses and the mtx has three 30 amp fuses, so what do I need to do at the inline fuse, which already has an 100 amp fuse attached, should I keep that or do I need to upgrade to a larger fuse?

    One last question, if you look at the mtx amp (pictures) you will see that it has a speaker one and speaker two input, how would I go about connecting my 2 ohm kicker sub to the amp (The sub only has one speaker terminal at 2 ohms?)

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Here is a picture that might help you in hooking up your amps and speakers. Hope it helps.

    Name:  Amp hook up.gif
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    As for your other question; if your distribution block can handle two 4 Ga cables then go for it. But, I would consider upgrading to a 2 Ga or even 1/0 Ga supply wire running to your distribution block and battery sometimes in the future.

    The fuse at your battery is basically protecting your cable running from the battery to the distro block and not neccessarily your amps or equipment. If your supply cable shorts out to ground, it would get extremly hot and could catch fire or ignite your carpet/upholstery/seats/girlfriend etc...

    A 60 amp fuse should be the right size for your 4 Ga supply wire. Use 100 amp fuse for 2 Ga. 120 amp fuse for 1 Ga and 150 amp for 1/0 wire. The danger with using a 100 amp fuse with a 4 Ga cable is that the fuse might not blow and let the cable overheat and do bad stuff to your car.

    If you decide to get a distro block with fuses for each circuit, then use a 20 amp fuse for your 8 Ga cables.

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    Depending on your wire strand count, I see no problem using up to 150a fuse for 4g wire. I have a 1200w amp with this exact setup. 0g wire can run 250-300a. You don't need to split into 8g wire from the distro.

    Best way to do it is start from the amp... the mtx has three 30a fuses. So, you know that it draws less than 90a at full tilt. That means a 4g power wire is plenty. Now simplify your life and just continue, meaning more 4g wire with the second amp and another 100a fuse. The fuses protect the wire, not the amp. So always use a fuse that works for the wire's capacity.

    Anyhow, seeing as how both amps will draw less than 150a at full tilt, a run of 4g from the battery is fine (assuming you have semi decent power cable).

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    You can always go with a lower gauge, nothing bad will happen except you'll change the resistance a little on that line but no big deal. It's when you go with a higher gauge that the wire can melt and catch fire.
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