k, so i bought a 2001 pontiac grand prix GT. It came equipped with 8 speaker bose sound system. sounds very nice! im used to my head unit though, which plays MP3s off of an SD card. this head unit only plays 4 speakers though, and id lose a lot of sound quality, unless i wanted to pay buku bucks. The guy at a local car audio place told me he could install something into my car, and itd work kind of like and FM transmitter, like I would turn it to w/e station, and be able to hook up an IPOD through USB. said he could install it for $95 (the 95 includes the price of the product).I dont think it is exactly an FM transmitter, because when i said "like an FM transmitter?" he didnt say it was one. he said "kinda". any of you know what this is? how good would the audio quality be? I am trying to get CD quality if possible, w/o spending too much. what do you guys think?

(also how good is this sound system? sounds good, but it is factory speakers. i have cranked them up pretty loud and havent noticed any distortion really... so i assume these speakers are pretty hard to blow?? do you guys know?