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Thread: What size in line fuse needed

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    What size in line fuse needed

    i am installing another, bigger amp to hook up more subs and was told you need a main in line fuse right next to the battery and then two more after the ditrabution block and was wondering if that is correct and what size in line fuse should i use for a 1800 watt amp?

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    For a safe installation, you need a fuse as close to the battery as possible.
    You should also fuse any lines where there is a change in wire size, which usually means after a distro block.

    As far as the fuse sizes you need, we can't tell you without knowing the total amperage the equipment will draw.
    There are tons of guides to choosing proper fuse ratings on the web. I'm pretty certain there's one on these forums, as well.

    Now tell us about your carPC....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    look at the fuses built into the amp itself, most have one.. and add them all up,

    make sure what ever you put in is bigger than all of those together.

    real basic math 1800W / 14V - 130A (ish)

    when you find out the RMS wattage put that into the equation instead

    and i would suggest getting a breaker not a fuse

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    If your amp is class D be sure to choose that. If you don't know the efficiency of your amp leave it at what they have

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