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Thread: no aux input or cassette player in car. what device gives best sound?

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    no aux input or cassette player in car. what device gives best sound?

    I have an 04 envoy with the bose sound system, however no aux input. I need suggestions for what device/brand will give the best sound quality for me to be able to play music from my Blackberry Curve though my car sound system? thanks!

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    Check into DICE systems. They make iPod integration kits. Not sure if they work with regular audio outputs from a Curve, though.
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    I recommend this one:

    It's great! That is if the curve has the proper audio out. Normal head phone jack will work. If n ot try to find an adapter that will work.

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    look for PIE GM12 aux adapter
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    im happy with this

    i have the pxamg from:

    pricey but super easy to install gives audio input ipod intergration and hd radio if you need it, plus retains all factory stuff for onstar etc

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    If your bose has a cassete player this is a good option

    if it does not then this helps

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