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Thread: Audio advisor suggests using PC as head unit is horrible...

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    I had a creative pci xfi extreme audio sound card in my old setup, and it sounded excellent. I never had any problem with it, the sound was amazing. I just bought the asus pci because it has really good reviews on amazon and newegg, but have not tried it yet because I am still setting up my system. Ian very eager to try it and see the difference. But I am guessing there won't be a lot of difference as far as sound quality. All I can say is that if you go with the creative, you won't regret it.
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    I just skimmed the first page and above of this thread.
    What a scream....

    I like the cut & paste above - a nice "back to front" of Nyquist without discussion of filter behaviour; no mention of (analog) harmonics nor compression...
    Then again, it's only a mono system...

    To think that once upon a time they used to sell OFC because it didn't have domains (crystals) that would distort the sound going to the speakers! OMG!
    Some might remember those "rubber bands" that "minimised CD wow & flutter" were sold. FMD!

    That's why I love the adoption of MPEG-1 Layer-3 - it blows the above into insignificance.

    Meanwhile our ridiculously powered amps reproduce the above at way less than 1% distortion.
    (By "ridiculously powered" I mean the 12-volts to the amps, NOT the measly kilo-Watts of audio output.)

    Oh dear, another rant. And maybe a bit tech.
    Maybe I too should sell 5c diodes for $40 to overcome the need for $500 converters! I can't convince people to stop damaging their engines, but preventing apparent damage to batteries is a winner! (Or is that virtual damage?)
    YES - I just found another cash-in-on-the-gullible or "pay for non-DIY" product. And yes - it's for those Australians!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSpark View Post
    To think that once upon a time they used to sell OFC because it didn't have domains (crystals) that would distort the sound going to the speakers! OMG!
    Some might remember those "rubber bands" that "minimised CD wow & flutter" were sold. FMD!
    they still sell stuff like that

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    That's looks more like analog stuff which is quite valid - ie, prevent vinyl needles picking up the noise etc. (Not that vibration ever travels through the air of course! But yeah - though solids is more conductive. And spikes are a high impedance.)
    Alas no wow&flutter stuff (done originally with heavy turntables, later revolutionised by fast response motor drives) like the rubber bands around CDs....

    But picture "wow & flutter" in a CD. Even those without their multi-second antiskip buffers still are a clocked output with some internal buffering.
    But people bough new "color" TV antennas when we converted from Black-White... (valid perhaps in low signal areas perhaps...).
    And the translation boxes for imported TVs and sound systems.
    And caps for aud.....

    But FTR, I was one that was dumbfounded that they chose such a low sampling rate for CDs - IMO 44k was too low. 48kHz was acceptable. But considering 20kHz hearing was not uncommon, 44k => 22kHz was too low. (As to those that can hear 22kHz - suffer!!) That's based on filter performance alone. Add to that the ("richness of"!!) harmonics...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelissen View Post
    i tried Breakaway Audio Enhancer but it doesnt work with CF 2 , i cant control the volume anymore in CF , the sound is realy better with Breakaway Audio Enhancer thats why i would like to know if someone did get it working in CF.

    Same boat here![/QUOTE]

    My bad! Totally went out off topic… In my defence I was using the search engine and somehow I mist on the thread title.

    Post re-edited

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    Damn awoken threads - I started from the front & thought wtf - PCs are not dedicated sound devices but HUs are - hence the original comment.
    Inverters & clean power are irrelevant as are signal levels etc.

    And since mp3 etc is acceptable, I doubt anyone will quibble about the "raw' difference between base PCs and analog HUs, nor the too-low 44kHz sampling rate of CDs.

    The fact that recording studios tend to use digital equipment is te bottom line... Why? Quality! (And price for initial quality gains).

    IMO I prefer a dedicated HU - it has the physical controls I prefer, boots reasonably quick with low standby power.
    When I have 76dB noise to signal ratios I might consider a PC for the sound (ie, NSR instead of SN ratios!)

    Maybe a new thread on the Breakaway Audio Enhancer issues should be started?

    New posters should be wary of re-wakening old threads (even we sometimes forget to check thread dates).
    Old posters should learn to read reverse-chronological unless they have the ability to remember what & where they have posted.

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    I run the optical out to a digital processor/EQ that runs to amps and the sound quality is top notch. If you go the stereo out method, you have to be very careful about how you tune/adjust volume/power to the amps.

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    I just finished installing my PC and i have to say it is a lot nicer than my stock head unit with after market speakers. The amp alone will contribute to a better sounding system. Not to mention the convenience of having all of your MP3s, and videos at the touch of your fingertip. If I didnt go PC, I would have bought a $1000 head unit that did everything I wanted, but wasn't unique (and sometimes a pain in the a**). That is really where the car PC excels. If you want something to tweak or be proud of, the car PC is for you. Anyone can buy a nice head unit and pay for it to be installed...
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