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Thread: connecting amp to speaker wires in OEM harness

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    connecting amp to speaker wires in OEM harness

    i wanted some opinions on connecting my speakers to the amp. Are the wires connecting the speakers to the OEM wiring harness big enough to be able to connect them to the amp for the audio? I am trying to avoid running speaker wire from the amp to each speaker, so if the factory wires are good enough, i was thinking i could just tap into those right at the dash and be done with it. Opinions and criticism wanted, i'm still learning and planning.

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    Factory speaker wire is good enough for low-power factory speakers connected to a low-power factory headunit.

    You can use the factory wiring and connect your amp to it. You may or may not notice poor sound quality as a result.
    If you're going to be running power wires and RCA cables anyway, you might as well run new speaker wire since the car is torn apart.
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    The wires will be good enough if you have a moderate 4 channel amp. On my setup I wanted to run new wires but my speakers are in the doors and I couldn't get the wire through the grommet thingy that goes between the door and the body of the car (spent two days trying to get them to go through). Instead I just tapped into the harness of the radio. I have a 50wX4 amp and its holding up just fine.

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    i am planning on putting the computer and the amp in a custom box between my 2 front seats (crew cab F-250), so i was not planning on taking the whole truck apart. Tying into the factory wires would make my life a lot easier. I am using a 60wx4 amp so I should be ok then right Squadfer?

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    Thats fine.
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