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Thread: 2 Amplifiers for 2 Channels

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    2 Amplifiers for 2 Channels


    Hello I have to small 25x2 Zapco amplifiers. I want to see if its a good idea to use them in bridge mode to 50w and use one for the left and the other for the right channel speakers. I will be using 6.5" componet speakers.

    Any info will help thanks.

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    As long as your speakers can handle the power (shouldn't be an issue), that should work.

    If the amp that your using is the z100c2, you should double check the power rating. It looks like they are rated at 100x1 @ 4ohms.

    If you had 2ohm speakers, you would only need 1 amplifier.

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    Hey thanks for the reply.The Amp is an old Z50S2 that are rated at 2X25w I have two of this and they work great. I will try the setting and post the results.

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    If it were me, I'd use them to go active. (provided you have the HU capability...)
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