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Thread: Grounding of Amp

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    Grounding of Amp

    I see in lots of forums that it's best to double ground the amps..
    One to negativ on the battery, and one to ground/chassis.

    What I cannot clearify, if this is only true when the amp is at long reach from the battery.

    In my car, I have aprox 1m of cable between the amp and the battery, and have per today only grounded to the negative pole on the battery.

    Is there something to "gain" by grounding to the chassis as well?

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    It really is just a precaution IMO. If you have good earths, it is not required. Most car electrical faults can be traced to poor earth. Just make sure you sand the paint off to bare metal and get a good physical contact. I've done several installs various ways and have never had problems if youy take the time to do it right.
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    you only ground an amp to the chassis of the vehicle.this is because you want your ground to be VERY short... no more than 1.5 feet long

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