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Thread: Lincoln navigator premium sound help

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    Lincoln navigator premium sound help

    Hi can someone please help me I live in the UK and drive a 2005 Navigator with the premium sound installed and roof mounted DVD player.

    I have changed the head unit to an aftermarket product due to UK specs and sat nav etc, but since the change the roof mounted player doesnt seem to give any sound output to the wireless headphones, if I turn the volume on the headphones all the way up I can just hear the sound but its masked by a loud hiss.

    If I connect the old head unit back up it works fine, so im assuming its something to do with the protocol link or the rear intergrated control panel both of which mean nothing to me.

    Does anyone know of a bypass for this so the rear roof mounted DVD player will still play as normal through the headphones whilst the new head unit plays through the speakers.

    Or does anyone have the wiring diagram that can help me fix this install as living in the UK anything for lincolns is hard to get hold of.

    Any help is really appreciated.

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    I have a 02 Linc Navigator but I kept my factory radio and used a 3 Input Adapter that goes into the CD Changer. You have regular CD, A1, A2 and A3 to use as RCA input for whatever you want.

    Here is a link that might help with the diagram and maybe the connections you need.

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    I've got a few diagrams for the 2002 Lincoln Navigator.

    1. Navigation
    2. Without Navigation - With Center Console
    3. Without Navigation - Without Center Console

    Let me know which one you need and I'll post it. I'm thinking "center console" might mean the optional DVD player - not sure.
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