Hey everyone
I have been looking at all the posts and need some help. I have a Delco 16236453 cassette deck from a 99 Olds 88. I have seen a lot of posts showing a the 5 wire setup with red, brown etc plug. I do not have this type of plug anywhere. I have 7 pin plugs on my cassette mech that has orange and 6 white. Then on another board on cassette mech that has 2 plugs with 1 being a 7 pin with 1 blue and 6 white and a 10 pin with 1 blue and 9 white. These 2 plug are wired to main radio board via plugs. The model of the cassette mechinism model is 16256794.
So any input on which wires are what? And how do I wire up a 3.5mm jack to plug my xm radio into?