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    Hey guys, I need some help. I have three amps in my 2001 Cougar. Two power two sets of loud speakers and the third power my subs. I have bought a bass knob so I can put it on the loud speaker amps so I can turn them down. Having loud speakers always loud is a problem. But when I put the knob on the audio cables all three amps are put on the knob... Is there anyway I can have only the two amps on the knob and the third just on all the time? I have even ran two separate audio cables from the radio back to the amps but as soon as the knob is added it puts all three on it. Please help! :-(

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    it all depends on your is not an uncommon problem but can asist you if you can tell me the way you have wired it.any diagrams would be an advantage.


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    i manufacture stealth shelves for a living boxed and unboxed and complete re-wiring of audio systems throughout the car. i mostly deal with custom orders so my time is somewhat limited at the mo,get in touch.

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