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Thread: Protect on amp

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    Protect on amp

    First month with system it sounded great.
    I got 2 12" Kicker CVRs
    1200 Hifonics Brutus Amp

    It sounded great then one day the amp shut off.
    Now when i get to a certain high amount of bass the amp shuts off.
    Why would this happen now but not before?

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    There is a short...loose speaker wire? Or just a POS amp

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    Your batt may be going bad. Do your lights dim bad sometimes?

    Usually amps go into protect because of low voltage or high heat....

    It wouldn't hurt to double check the amps ground connection.

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    my buddy re wired the subs from mono i think lol now the subs have two wires each instead of one. And they sound a bit better and we moved the ground and on very low bass the subs like squeak a little and sound really wierd but now there pounding a little better.

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