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Thread: Help With Camaro Sound System Planning

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    Help With Camaro Sound System Planning

    I've got a '96 Camaro RS that originally had a Bose system. I got the car used, with a pair of Alpine SPS-600s in the back. The front has 4" speakers right now, but I'm changing them to 6-1/2" as well as the back. I'm getting new speakers for the back, because while the Alpines aren't horrible, they sound distorted after a bit of loudness.

    However, the distortion could also be from the stereo, correct? I've got an aftermarket Pioneer stereo, but it's pretty old. I'm not sure on the actual model of the stereo.

    Anyway, I'm getting JL Audio C2-650X speakers for both the front and back if I can. I wanted to know if these are good speakers, and I also wanted to know if it was much better to have a multi-channel amp to power my four speakers. The amp I was planning on buying was the Hifonics ZXi 6410. The reason being that the speakers have a 60W RMS, 100W peak, and the Hifonics amp would be powering at 85W per channel. I wanted to get a mono channel amp for a sub.

    Or, should I get a 5 channel amp for a sub?

    This is my first post, so I'm not sure if I'm asking stupid questions.

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    Instead of hifonics check out the AQ amps. They are similar but higher quality and better reputation.

    It would be much better to amp your speakers to get a louder/clearer sound from them. Its hard to ask which speakers sound better because everyone has their own opinions and favorite brands. I've never heard the JL's, but I'm sure they probably sound good. I would do your research and try to find reviews...

    If I were you, this is what I would get.

    6 1/2 component set for the front

    6 1/2 full range speakers for the back

    AQ490 4-channel amp

    AQ1200 Mono sub amp

    1 or 2 RE SE 12's or 10's (whatever fits)

    If you upgrade everything above, then might as well get a new deck too.

    Don't forget to do Big 3 wiring.


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