Alright, i just installed my entire system, and i have this problem with my apline CDA-9883 Head unit. The problem is when I can't put a cd into the drive, it basically won't take any CD. It WILL only eject a cd if you try and put it into the drive. It seems like its on a never ending eject only mode, where it won't load a cd, but will only eject. Thus making it impossible to play a cd because the cd won't play, it just tries to eject when you put it in the drive. Is there some wiring i screwed up to make this possible, or do I have to take it in for service/buy a new deck? I don't really want to buy a new deck. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated because this is pretty frustrating. I may note that I have had this deck in my last install in the car I sold and when i did install it recently, it did have a cd already in it that I guess i left in it when i took it out. Thanks.