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Thread: Amp mouting question...

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    Amp mouting question...

    I just bought a new HU and amp. I got an Alpine CDA-9886 and an Alpine MRP-F300 amp. Works like a charm, and sounds GREAT! And I don't get any alternator whine at all, well except maybe from my wallet... but seriously, it sounds preety darn good. I got the amp powering 4 Pioneer 6x8 speakers (model number excapes me at the moment...).

    I do have one question:

    I have the amp sitting under my passenger seat, mostly because that is the only spot to put it ( I am an IT consultant and have my vehicle stocked all the time). I am hearing that I should at least mount it on a board or something, right now it just sits on the floor beneath the seat. I have a 2005 Escape, and the amp sits very low under the seat so it gets a lot of ventilation.

    What do you guys think? How should I mount it?

    Thanks again!!!!!!


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    I've got my amp on a board (not a solid piece) on each end just to allow a little air flow to get underneath the amp.
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    Pretty good idea. I will do that.

    Thanks for the reply!!


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