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Thread: Problem with SPL amp in protected mode

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    Unhappy Problem with SPL amp in protected mode

    I recently hooked up an SPL 1800 watt 2ohm stable amp. I just hooked it up to 2 Memphis M3 Dual 2ohm VC subs. I hooked it up and ran them in series. The amp was pushing them great and it sounded perfect. On my way to work today everything just quit, i stopped to look at it and my amp was in protected mode. Everything to the amp is hooked up fine, no blown fuses, no wires crossed, I'm clueless.

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    You would have to wire these subs in a series parallel configuration for this amp to remain stable. Wire two of the voice coils in series (one voice coil from each sub, then repeat the same with the remaining two voice coils) then connect both of the two series circuits in parallel at the amp. This will allow your amp to see a 2ohm final load. When connecting your series circuits be sure to connect + to - between the two coils so you end up having a positive and negative remaining for your amplifier connection.

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