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Thread: Help wiring into stock amp wiring harness

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    Help wiring into stock amp wiring harness

    I have a soundblaster live 5.1 card I need to hook up to my car's stock infinity amp wiring harness. The harness is the only input/output on the amp. I need to wire two stereo cables into it.One for the front speakers, one for the rears. I have the sub taken care of. How do i splice these stereo cable into the harness. I know what colors the wires are and everything, I have the speaker wiring diagram. Any help would be appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out.
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    Being that you already know what colors are what, you will just need to make sure that the amp accepts a low level input, instead of a high level, if it takes a high level, none of this will work. If it does accept a low level input, then cut the headphone cable there should be 2 wires a shield. the wires are the left/rightpair, and the shield is ground. the ground will need to be wired to both negative speaker leads, and the left / right should be to the positive leads. wire colors change between manufacturers, so it would be best to check which is which before hard wiring anything.

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