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I know how you feel here-- you should have seen my basement while i was just assembling my computer-- war zones have been cleaner...and i was only in the center console and middle of my dash, so i don't even think i can imagine what your work area looks like right now...
Yea, everything is out of my car.... all the panels take over my garage and in the room my stupid head liner takes up alot, not to mention alot of tools. I cant keep them in my garage because my parents just throw $h!+ in there and dont care that they hit my stuff. If they break something, its so expensive to replace. I wanted to order a lower dash piece from Dodge and they quoted me $300.00 because my interior is a special edition or something. I havent seen another Durango with my style. So I said f%^k that, I'll keep it all in my room.

yes, you would be able to do this. (i've made enough long posts--hopefully this ballances the universe..)
i like your long posts, lol. I learn new things. Ive decided to go with all components in the doors, I may have to put coaxials in the 3rd row because the component woofer is too deep and may not fit. When I buy the door speakers, i'll try them in the back, if they fit then i'll get components, if not coaxials will go there. The third row doesnt matter to much because its rarely used.