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Thread: Need Some Suggestions

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    Need Some Suggestions

    Ok I have the following subs and amp installed in my 2001 nissan altima and want some suggestions on some good speakers to match. Also am considering an upgrade to 12's any suggestions on that are welcome as well..

    The subs: 2 10" MTX 7500 series super woofer model # t7510-44

    The amp: 4x150 Watts MTX

    ICE-17b4 Mobile Spec 17" RCA 4-ch

    I was looking at some rainbows but want other suggestions thanks

    What are the best rainbows to match this setup to if I were to go w/Rainbow's

    I listen to hip hop rap like to hear the bass shake my skull and I also want to cleary hear the words of the music

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    I think the rainbows are expensive. If you want your speakers to be clear, you will also need to buy an amp to power your speakers, I would use the MTX amp to power the speakers and buy a new sub amp and new subs. But depends on your budget.

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    Thanks for the reply.. Could you recommend some good speakers I should get? Also the new subs and amp should I go 12's in a ported box. What would be a good new set?

    Thanks I just want some good clear skull shaking sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nissan4Life2001 View Post
    Thanks I just want some good clear skull shaking sound
    12s in a ported box should do you well then. You might be interested in RE Audio.

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