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Thread: Death by bass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nalav View Post
    This is an excellent idea for any install.
    I agree, infact thats what I am going to use my MLC SSD for. Strictly for holding the images and installers. What kills a SSD is when you write to it, but if I only put the images on there to be read, it should last forever.
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    I recommend a SLC SSD.

    This is what I used in a customers 68' 2,800 horsepower yacht. The vessel has 2, twin turbo V12 engines. At full throttle the engines and waves shake and vibrate the 2 on-board computers so bad it was eating through mechanical hard drives like a breakfast platter. So far no issues with the SSD install. I also just upgraded my truck PC to a SLC SSD and it is working flawless. SLC is more expensive, but it's also more reliable, tested and true.
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    I'm not arguing that a 2.5" hd or a solid state drive isn't more durable than a 3.5". It's just that when word starts going around a forum like this ppl tend to start taking it as if it were gospel. I just wanna know, who has killed a 3.5" with bass, bumps, whatever in a car that they drive daily?

    I've killed one almost way too easily, by drilling holes in my case right next to the hd while the PC was disconnected from from the car. IMO, Static or whatever will kill it waaaaaaaaaaay quicker than vibration, or cold temps, or any normal circumstance you can throw at it. Then again, I don't see static being a real concern at all while the PC is hooked up, it's grounded through the power supply. But like I said, I never did any special mounting or anything like that, I just used common sense when I built the thing.

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    I was running a pair of DD 9510's, but recently dropped to a single 9510 due to space constraints. This is powered by a true 3200 watts RMS and fed by three runs of 1/0 wire, and I have yet to have a drive fail. I am using only laptop drives, no SSD. This is all in a quad cab truck. The box is the 5th that I have built using this same sub in the same truck, getting it just right takes a lot of messing around. I have not metered this setup yet because I no longer compete but I assure you it is in around the 150db range on a TermLab when tuned and wired for SPL. No, I don't drive around with it cranked to high heaven, but it can sure blow the minds of unsuspecting passengers that have never been in the truck. The sub is installed on the rear floor behind the drivers seat and is not visible unless you are really looking for it, amps are all mounted behind the rear seats.
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