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Thread: MIC in as LINE in

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    MIC in as LINE in

    Hey All,

    OK, so my MB only has 2 audio jacks, one lime/green and one pink

    So I've got the green for Line OUT feeding into my amps, all ok with this one, so what I want to know is can I use the following setup

    Frontend used so far is CF.. so my HQCT -e has the linelevel amp'd out L/R I want to hook this up to the pink but also use a MIC for my handsfree bluetooth phone setup currently going to the pink setup as MIC in via S/F

    Now the pink connector can be setup as either a LINE IN/OUT/MIC via the software, but can I have this set up as MIC in, have the MIC plugged in and HQCT then when I want to switch to RADIO, will the HQCT turn on the outputs and will I hear radio or will the levels be too high?

    What I'm not sure and haven't tested yet is

    [1] Is the MIC always on or turns on when the app is using it. (i.e. phone software)
    [2] How will the LINE LEVEL output affect HQCT going into a MIC setup input and does this turn off when I switch away from radio
    [3] Is there another alternative other than the obvious of buying a new MB or adding in a sound card

    Now I tried using digital audio option on the MB via a hacked connected from an old MB and used a DAC, but found it was heaps noisey (white noise) was using an optical cable so not sure why I got noise, I will need to retest this option

    Let me know your thoughts

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    Are you using Mic Boost on the Mic in line currently? Or this might be what switching modes does. I have my HD Radio plugged in through the pink Mic in port on my board, but that is the only thing that line does, so I can set the levels and leave it.

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