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Thread: Ford/Mercury Taurus/Sable Gen 3 & 4 Factory RCU

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    Lightbulb Ford/Mercury Taurus/Sable Gen 3 & 4 Factory RCU

    I didn't find a related topic, so here goes...

    I wish to retain the factory original Premium Sound/Mach/JBL RCU (Rear Control Unit) but replace the ICP (Integrated Control Panel) with a touch-screen LCD/CarPC. I would like to send the analog audio from the PC to the RCU via the analog lines already present, control the tuner/pre-amp in the RCU from the PC, and display the readout from within the GUI/front-end UI on the PC.

    I have been told the Ford system might be using a version of CAN Bus. There are two control channels running between the ICP and the RCU in addition to the analog signals and power. There are a few USB to CAN bus converters on the market.

    Does anyone have any experience with CAN in the CarPC area? Anyone tried something similar to this before?

    Thank you for your time.

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    I now read that CAN wasn't used in the Taurus until 2008 (mine is 2000 with some audio components from 1996). Any ideas how this system communicates with itself?

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