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Thread: scam or no scam?

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    I find amazon to usually be the lowest, although sonicelectronix is close and i think they have price matching. Havent used them but sonic has awesome pics that no site has matched.

    Also, a note on buying online. Last time I bought something on ebay and it was bad, the ebay store sent me a replacement and said i could keep the old without even showing any proof the first was broken. When I took my laptop under full warranty to best buy, they said it was software for a month (it had problems that couldnt be windows) and when i kept coming back they eventually really looked at it. Took them another 6 months to finally replace it after failing to fix it. Point is, online if they do bad, you give them a bad review that everyone sees (amazon and ebay). Best buy doesnt have to worry about that.
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    arrg, dont get me started on bestbuy, especially geek squad. but yah, i love crutchfield for there support, like if i were to buy a new HU they include the oem stereo removal tools, double din cage thingy, wire harnesses, etc, all for free, and there community is great if you have a question or problem. so i dont mind paying a bit more
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    I have been a Crutchfield customer since they founded the company when I was in college in the 70's. They have always been higher priced than most other mail order companies but their customer service is second to none. When they run sales, their prices become very competitive. Biggest complaint I have is that they don't have a wide selection of higher end mobile audio equipment. I can say from many years of personal experience that they stand behind everything they sell and don't give you a hard time with returns and getting knowledgeable human beings on the phone when you need help. You can't say that about most of the other internet businesses in mobile audio.

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    Check local car audio stores, just in case. Occasionally you'll find one with a bargain table with amazing deals. $25 for a digital surround processor that I would have considered cheap at $125, since the original retail price was about $600.

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