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Thread: Advice needed please, FM transmitter interference when power applied to laptop.

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    What laptop are you using and what DC voltage does it require? I always had noise issues whenever I tried to run a laptop using an AC-DC adapter and an inverter, but as soon as I found a DC-DC adapter for whatever laptop I was using it was always was clean as a whistle, and this includes the Aspire One that I currently use. The on-board high definition audio in these little laptops produces absolutely incredible sound quality from the line out, although I do run it through a DSP prior to amplification.
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    im using a dell e1505 which i bileave uses 19.7 volts. im using a direct adapter from the cig light to charge it, not an ac-dc inverter. wats a dsp? prior to this i was using an asus 1000he without any problems, probably because that used a 12 volt charger, so there was no power brick, just a straight wire.

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