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Thread: Speaker Baffles!

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    I've also heard of people using pantyhose coated with water proofing scotchguard spray but never personally tried it to see how well it works. Also helps to keep dust out if you go that route.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnightracer View Post
    besides water is that the only reason you were looking for a baffle? what kind of speaker and what kind of car,...what kind of crossover point, if any... in a full range setup a baffle will probally muddy your sound... but if crossed over the speaker wouldnt have much excursion.happening and most likely wouldnot be creating much air in the small enclosure. how about a little more info?
    The speakers are Alphine Type-R SPR-17C.

    They are Coaxial since I didnt want to deal with time alignment issues, tweeter placement, and space!
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