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Thread: can aluminum foil sheild wires?

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    I have a Lilliput 669 HB. It has an external noise filter? Right now I'm using the cigarette lighter adapter to power the monitor. My VGA cable is like right next to and runs along the 12V wire to the M2-ATX, as well as the ignition wire that and ground wire that goes inoto the m2-atx, could that be the problem? Would wrapping these wires in tin foil help? And about attaching the tin foil to the bare metal of the car, would it have to be like a piece of aluminum foil that is attached to the wire that it is covering?

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    To ground it, you add a wire with no insulation to the bundle of wires you are shielding.

    Wrap this uninsulated wire around the outside of the others so it can create a good connection with the shielding.

    Soldering, or at least taping it to the inside of the shielding would be best (if you use foil. For the aluminum tape you attach this wire to the outside)

    If you are separately wrapping multiple wires you can run the separate ground wires to each other and bond them all to a thicker wire which would be connected to the chassis. For a single "wrap" you would just connect the one ground to the chassis.

    The grounding gives the EMI somewhere to go. Without it, you are simply creating a nearly useless physical obstruction for EMI.

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