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    box help

    i have 2 10inch Alpine SWS-1023D subs in its original box. dont get me wrong i love the box but i belive its more for a hatchback and i drive a 98 jetta. bcuz for 1 its fairly skinny and it has ports on the top... now im thinking about making my own box because for 1 i like making things also, the ports are on the top which makes the air push up which means less bass???? i was thinking about making a new box with ports in the front now i dunno where to get started although this is pretty much the only info i found...

    Vented Box Volume: The vented box sizes recommended by Alpine range from 1.0 cu/ft to 1.75 cu/ft. The ideal recommended volume is 1.2 cu/ft with a 1" x 10" x 14" (long) slot port.

    so if someone could help me out and maybe give me measurements or anything that may help i would appreciate it...


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    For starters you would have to provide the measurements of the space that you have available, the direction that you wants the subs and ports to fire, complete model of the subs that you will be using, what the coil confuguration is, and lastly but least, what amp that you plan to drive them with.
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    or you could get a rough idea (i say rough idea because these programs don't account for in car fequency response-- which has a huge effect) using a program like winisd, probox, or blaubox...

    also, in case you didn't realize it, the car audio topic is mostly for integrating a car computer with car audio components, so you might be get faster answers on a site dedicated to car audio(links in the sticky at the top of the page).

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