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Thread: wiring subs to stock head unit

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    wiring subs to stock head unit

    alright so my plan is to hijack my two rear speaker wires from the stock head unit, splice them and send both channels into a line converter then to amp etc. The reason I want to do this is because if I only use one rear channel wont that mean that some songs wont be played out fully in stereo for the subs? Well anyways, If i splice into them and then also attatch the original speaker connections so that the rear stock speakers still play aswell, will that alter voltage, ohms....... anything bad gonna come out of that?? Is it bad to have the rear speaker outputs from the head unit running into a four-way splice?

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    Use both rears, still connected to the stock rear speakers. Line output converters should have stereo input/output, so use both. The way that you are wanting to use it is what it's designed for.

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