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Thread: Type R 6 x 9's, hardly any bass

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    it is not both speakers being out of phase that can cause problems. it is the fact that one of the speakers polarity is reversed-- the voice coils(and glue that hold the vc wires together) were never deisgned to constantly pull the cone into the magnetic gap--most speakers were designed to push the cone away form the magneic gap. and by forcing the vc to pull the entire cone into the mag gap, the vc started to separate because it can't deal with the constant force in the wrong direction. (at least this is my theory on how i managed to mutilate the vc on a set of 6x9's in 1 week)
    I'm not sure what you said is accurate. To my knowledge unless he is "bottoming out" his cone is not coming into contact with the magnet or anything else and the voice coil has not reached its maximum excursion.

    I have not read anything or believe that wiring a speaker in reverse polarity will damage anything. There are many sub installs in show cars where a speaker will be mounted with its basket and backside facing outwards for show. For it to play in sync with the properly mounted subs it is clearly wired in reverse polarity. The cone should be moving just as far out as it does.

    Please correct me if I am wrong but I am fairly certain that this is not the case.

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    i am second guessing myself also. my only experience with this has been with that pair of 6x9's that literally fell apart after a few days of hard use--the voice coil sounded like a slinky . oh, and they only had a aftermarket deck(50x4max, 22x4 rms) powering them, so there was not too much power going to them.

    i have never had a problem, or heard of problems with voice coils falling apart when they are installed using correct polarity.. but then again, i haven't heard/read anything about installing them using reversed polarity...

    my other thought is the difference in voice coil construction between subs and mids. it could be the glue, wire, or maybe the former?

    maybe some more experienced audio experts can chime in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidcash View Post
    Thanks for all the comments, thing is I'm damn sure I've been in peoples cars who have ran Type S's (these are 85w RMS) off a stock head unit and they hit pretty hard.

    So Type R's at 100w rms i'm wondering why they have abosutely no bass at all in my setup. When turned up I can definately see the cones moving real high but they dont make bass.
    YES i have noticed this too. the type S's sound great even on low power, but the type R's sound like garbage on little power. weird stuff man.

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    Noob to carputers, but car audio is my forte.

    Type R's are power hungry speakers, but with adequate power they make plenty of bass. (& both wired correctly) You cannot compare S's to R's unless you run them with the power they are rated for (& thus need). Its the same as comparing a Focus to a Ferrari with the same Focus engine in both.

    Phase does not affect the speakers negatively in any way. VCs push & pull equally, "phase" is relative & only an issue for sound production. The speakers themselves could not care less.

    With 1 of 2 speakers wired backward you get cancellation (aka 1 "out of phase"). The result when not noticed is people cranking up the bass boost (a no-no) and cranking up the volume (another no-no) to compensate for the lack of bass. This is a classic case and one of the easiest ways to drive a source unit into severe clipping. The reason why tweeters usually survive is because the bass boost doesnt affect their freq range, & most of the time people drop the treble because its already too loud compared to the lack of bass.

    Google a "square wave" to see how this can easily destroy a speaker, even with a power rating a fraction of what the speaker is rated for.

    "slinky" VCs is due to thermal damage, where the VC windings are overheated & melt through the glue. Nothing to do with phase, everything to do with mechanical abuse.
    The tell tale sign of massive signal clipping.

    So now ya know, and knowing is half the battle. lol

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