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Thread: Inproving sound quality

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    Inproving sound quality

    I have my carputer in my car(2005 G35 MT) and the sound quality is lower then before(stock headunit, more distortion and lower volume). The sound output from the computer (soundcard: Audigy 2 ZS) is a four channel output going first trough a pac oem 2( and then into the stock OEM Bose amp. My question is if i replace the stock bose amp with something like a high end kenwood/alpine 4 channel amp would it improve the sound quality to something that off an aftermarket headunits?
    Is the Audigy 2 ZS a good board or is that my weak link in this setup?

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    First, you should be mroe specific about "distortion" and describe the best you can what you hear.

    Second, I do not think you need that adapter for what you are trying to do. It is designed to take high signal levels from an already amplified signal and covert down to low level signal for an amp. In this case your soundcard is already at a low/line/preamp level. I'm not 100% positive on this specific vehicle but logically you should be able to connect the soundcard directly to the factory amp if you hacked up some 3.5mm cables and wired it directly in.

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    I was using the same Audigy card and had nothing but Noise and distortion all the time.. you can try and turn up the gains on the PAC unit and it may fix your low volume issue....but I guarantee you'll have more noise..

    Are you running all your RCA's seperate from USB and 12v power lines?

    I am running a FUBAR II DAC (USB digital-analog convertor) on my laptop going into a PAC adapter for the BOSE system in my trailblazer and it sounds better than factory to me after removing all the headunit equaliziation!... I still have an almost unaudiable noise when no music is playing, but Ill never get around that without having a common ground between everything and its so faint nobodys noticed it but me so far

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