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Thread: New speakers...fresh steps of car pc...

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    New speakers...fresh steps of car pc...

    So, I have centrafuse running, and playing music off my ipod, and all, and everything is great...I just a few last things that I need to do in order for my project as a whole to be complete...although it will never fully be done, as I am constantly thinking of new ideas to implement in it.

    One of the problems that I have with my speakers is that the sound is sort of weird. As if there is no bass. I tried messing with the eq frequencies in centrafuse, but still can't get anything perfect. Would a sound processor be able to do this for me...can the car pc be used as a sound processor...

    I have a jensen amp, and 2 rockford fosgate component speakers in the front and 2 audiobahn component speakers in the back...When I sit in the back, the sound is a little better in that the audiobahns have a little more bass, mixed in with the really good mids and highs from the RF's, but I want it to be reversed so that it sounds better in the front....

    The only other thing that I have not tried yet, is there is a high pass filter, low pass filter and a full pass setting on the amp for each set of channels. I tried setting the RF's on low pass, and there was very little sound playing from them at all, even turned up pretty loud...then I tried the same for the audiobahns and it was the same result...not there are frequncy knobs for each a high and low pass on the amp as well, so would that be what I need to mess with...Once again..I can pick, and install a good system on any budget, I just can't tune it worth crap, so is there any instructions on how to tune it/ use a processor to do it for me...

    Any help would be great, as I am so close to the finish line that I can't hardly keep my mind of it...

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    Have you bypassed or got rid of your normal headunit? If so have you tried an external USB car amp/sound card or DAC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hexxamillion View Post
    Have you bypassed or got rid of your normal headunit? If so have you tried an external USB car amp/sound card or DAC?
    yes...this is a completely headunit free install. I have an intel mobo that has the Realtek HD audio, and the computer that I bought from mocoso has RCA ports hooked up to the front panal audio pins...Its not the problem that they don't play any bass at fact, I can have it play nothing but bass, but with all of the preset settings, there seems to be little bass, and very high end freqencies that sort of hurt my ears after a while...basically it is like listening to a song that you know should sound different but can't really figure out how or why....

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    check that you hooked up your speakers correctly-- it sounds like one or 2 of your speaker wires are reversed.

    other wise, i was just reading another thread who was also using the onboard intel audio, and also had some issues with clarity, so it could be that you are still using onboard sound.

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