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Thread: How many AMPs does my alternator have to put out?

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    We've already gone over how unnecessary this is I thought....your average high end carpc is using 5amps, your average screen uses only about an amp. Not to mention most stock 25w(Peak) audio systems are loud enough for normal listening - you probably will never exceed 30w rms with your system. But no-ones gonna talk you out of the wanted to move forward ->we'll help you
    When I had the small 5 amps and only one PC, to get it to turn on, I had to rev the engine really high. So imagine when I have 7 PC units, and bigger amps. Even if the power is over kill, id rather have extra power then not enough. Also, if I can finish this upgrade, it will benefit other Durango, Dakota owners that have the same 4.7 engine that seems to be so hard to get mods for. To my knowledge, no one has done a dual alternator setup on the 4.7, because of its picky ECU controller.
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    i have a 70 amp allternator..and my system is 1800w rms total....not continuous

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