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Thread: Pioneer TS-D Speakers.

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    Pioneer TS-D Speakers.


    Does anybody run the current TS-D Speakers? Particuarly the 6 x 9's. They are the ones with the basalt cone.

    I know the best way is to go and listen to them, but I would want to get others opinions on people who run them.


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    A little late perhaps, but I have the TS-D 6.5 components, and I believe they can have a pretty balanced sound. The lows are lacking, and highs were a bit bright, but after I adjusted the crossover it was ok. For the money, I'm quite happy with them. I'd love to pick up a set of the polk sr6500 to play with though

    Can't comment on 6x9s though, as I'm using Polk db691s for fill.


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