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Thread: Audio Interface for Carputer in a Honda Civic

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    Audio Interface for Carputer in a Honda Civic

    Hey guys. I just got a 2000 Honda Civic EX coupe. It has the OEM stereo in it with a single CD player, AM/FM. Nothing too fancy. I *think* this car has a security system integrated into the OEM stereo where you have to type in a code. So that may be an issue.

    My question is, I want to put a carputer in there using a simple 1/8" line-in. What is the cheapest way to do it? I don't mind putting in a new head unit but there's an installation cost and of course the cost of the head unit. Any suggestions on a cheap *** headunit (that is decent for a carputer) or an alternate way to get audio into it? I was wondering if maybe I could hijack the CD Audio line in using a protocol converter or something (if it even has that).

    Thanks again.

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    from what i can find with my poor search skills, it looks like you will need to replace the factory radio to get a auxilary input.

    the best, cheapest stereo is personal opinion-- i have always loved Pioneer head units, so naturally that is what i will recommend, but everyone has their own favorite.

    just go into your locar car audio/electronics store where they have demo units on display and try all of the units that you might be interested in-- find the best one that you feel comfortable with.

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    You might be able to get away with one of these:

    But remember thats $60 that could have gone towards a new head unit that might only cost you 150 with an aux input adapter. many of the Pioneer decks will let you use an adapter like the Pioneer CD-RB10 which gives you a set of RCA inputs. The sound quality will be 10x better than the stock head unit. You can even get an $80 Pioneer head unit with a front aux input.
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