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Thread: 50 rms louder than 200rms?

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    we are going to need the specific model numbers for the amps-- not just who makes them, so that we can check the rating numbers.

    also, you said that you are connecting the speaker level inputs on one of the amps and line level inputs on the other amp--- this would also cause what you are describing.

    speaker level inputs are high level inputs--- the amp is expecting a higher voltage on these inputs.

    line level inputs are low level inputs---the amp is expecting a low voltage audio source on these inputs.

    getting the 2 mixed up can cause one to be louder than the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andruha1123 View Post
    Ok, that could be the reason.

    Also, the new amp has a HIGH LEVEL input and the older amp (200rms) is connected to the new(50rms) output. Could this be the reason?
    Wait, you have one amp connected to the other? Provide some model numbers, and exactly how you have things wired.

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