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Thread: Andrea USB-SA Package question.

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    Andrea USB-SA Package question.

    So i finally figured out that my centrafuse voice delayed was due to my crappy bt dongle.
    Therefore, I'm ready to put phone function into my car. However, I'm concerned about noise and echo. Looks like the andrea bundle is finally affordable and I might get it. However, from my research on mp3car, I've found that the Andrea requires the output to be directed to its own output port for echo cancellation to work, but i do not want this to happen, because my sound card is 100x better. Somebody on mp3car mentioned that it was possible to do this using virtual audio cable as outlined by this site:

    Anyone else have experience or suggestion to this issue?

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    I didn't think about the bluetooth dongle causing voice lags/delays during conversation. What dongle did you switch to?

    I'm going to try that Virtual Audio Cable software and find out if it'll help. I'll get back to you on that.

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    virtual audio cable works fine if you set it up right....thats the solution we were unofficially recommending for street deck since about 2 years ago.

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    I'm running centrafuse with my on-board audio handling output and my HD Radio's line-in input, and the USB-SA handling the microphone.

    I installed Virtual Audio Cable, and tried to get it to work nicely. I was able to output to both sound cards, but echo cancellation and my HD Radio would not work (echos became worse, after installing/uninstalling VAC).

    How exactly would I set this up to get it to work?

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