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Thread: Independent Wiring Dual Voice Coil Sub to Mono Amp

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    Independent Wiring Dual Voice Coil Sub to Mono Amp

    So I have a single Punch Stage 3 Rockford Fosgate subwoofer that is dual voice coil 4-ohm. I currently have it hooked up to a Sony mono amp wired in series for a load of 8-ohm. I would like for the amp to have a 4-ohm load, so I am thinking about running 4 independent wires to each terminal on the subwoofer. My amp has 4 terminals (2 positive, 2 Negative,) but is a mono amplifier. I am assuming that these terminals are all on the same channel, but are meant for hooking up 2 separate speakers. I am currently only running the sub from the left positive and negative terminals, with the right 2 doing nothing. If I run Independent wires from the amp to both voice coils, 1) Will my amp see a load of 4-ohm? 2) Will the subwoofer be safe because the signal is not coming from 2 different channels?

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    it will be 2 ohm, as the +'s are internally connected together, and the -'s are internally connected together. it will be the same as both the VC in parallel.

    only option for 4 ohm is 1x SVC 4 ohm, or DVC 2 ohm in series, or DVC 8 ohm in parallel.
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