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Thread: 1997 BMW E36 No Audio

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    1997 BMW E36 No Audio


    Well I am nearly finished with my very first carpc install. Here's a pic of the finished end!

    So that's all good and the PC itself functions fine. Next job then getting the audio to work. I used to have a kenwood head unit in there which worked fine although it was a tad old. No AUX out so I couldn't really make any use of it so stripped it out. I was thinking that I could just simply run wires from the old head unit connector back to the PC headphone socket and away I go....obviously that didn't work. So I've bought an amp but I can't get any sound through the existing wireing. If I bypass that and go straight to one of the rear speakers it's fine. I'm assuming it's the factory amp that's causing this issue but is there any other way round it without running new wires to all the speakers to bypass the OEM amp?

    I want to go

    cappc --> phono to RCA --> after market amp --> amp speaker connectors to existing speaker wire where the headunit used to be.

    Will this be possible?



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    Are you sure there is a factory amp in there?

    Mine didn't have one.

    My headunit goes straight to the speakers.

    Interesting bezel, looks like one of my attempts before I ended up getting the one.

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    Good point, I'm not 100% sure, but if there wasn't a factory amp there then would it not all work through the OEM cabling with the aftermarket amp? I will have a closer look tomorrow to see if I can find the OEM amp...if it exists.

    Yeah I looked at a lot at what you have done before for ideas. Don't know if you can see this pic a bit clearer but I bought a 2nd hand console. Used similar methods as you to make the bezel, then pulled the leather off the 2nd hand centre console and used that to cover the bezel...not sure if the pics are doing it justice. It isn't 100% perfect but doesn't look too bad, for a 1st attempt anyway. I can't justify spending the money on the bezel, well not yet anyway! lol

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    Had another look this weekend. There was a factory amp in the boot. I did nothing more than put the carpet trim back over it and started running new speaker leads! lol

    The cables are run now and I'm getting sound as just to put the interior back together.



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