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Thread: Wiring speakers and subs need HELP!!!

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    Wiring speakers and subs need HELP!!!

    Alrite so here it is. I have 2 15 inch memphis prs and a memphis 1000 watt monoblock amp for them. I have 4 jl audio speakers, a pair of 6x9's and a pair of 6 and a half's. I have a 600 watt 4 channel sony amp that is going to be powering the speakers. This is the stereo I have- the Sony CDXGT340 and now i want to know how i can hook everything up to get the most i can out of this system. How do i hook up the rca cables to the amps for the signals? Wouldn't I need 3 rca cables 2 going to the 4 channel amp and one for the subs? But how would that work if i have only 2 rca outputs on my stereo that says front and rear as well as bus in which i dont even know what thats for. Any clarification would be great. Thanks

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    first off, welcome to the forums!

    second, as your first post is about car audio, this forum is mainly for car computers and integrating them with the cars audio system, so you might get a different/better/faster answer from a dedicated car audio forum(sticky at top of this forum topic)

    to answer your original question--usually for a setup like that, you wuold run 2 sets of rcas back to the amps, and leave any crossover settings on the radio off, and setup the amps to crossover all the speakers.

    the 4 channel amp should have a output line, this would need to be used to be connected to the sub amp.

    set all the crossovers and gains on the amps to their respective points, and your good to go.

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    You can find tons of useful info/people on this forum

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