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Thread: I need a headunit with PHYSICAL EQ's

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    I need a headunit with PHYSICAL EQ's

    Hello, I have a 2002 BMW 325ic and I'm looking for a replacement headunit that falls under the following criteria:

    1) AT LEAST a 3 band hard EQ (preferably 5 or more) - not a software eq but a PHYSICAL one.

    2) Aux input

    3) Mp3 support

    4) Fairly elegant

    5) Great sound

    Anything come to mind?

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    Install a CarPC and then run the audio through a stand alone EQ - easy 7 band or more.

    (Its a CarPC based forum... you had to know we would recommend a PC solution)

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    Thats one idea. Any less expensive ideas? Maybe just a standalone EQ that has an AUX input I can connect to the stock system?

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    you define a 'physical' eq as one with knobs or sliders on the front right?

    those types of head units don't really exist any more. most head units use software based eq's... and the general rule of thumb is that the more money you spend on the head unit, the more audio features it will have...

    you can however use a 1/2 din separate eq with the phyisical knobs/sliders, with a radio..

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    Yeah, its sad that they don't exist anymore. Both of my previous cars - Jeep and Lexus - came stock with physical knobs and sliders.

    What I think would be the best option for me is to add a EQ unit that has an auxillery input. I don't know what kind of connections I would need to hook it up to a bmw 2001 325i. Anyone?

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