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Thread: I want that FULL sound

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    I want that FULL sound

    Ok guys, new here, not new to forums at all, i reside mainly in the car forums as i am a mechanic and my true love lies in performace, but car audio is still very important to me.

    I am done with the whole "lots of bass and really loud treble speakers", all my friends run 2000w subs/amps that push plenty of bass and then just fill the car with speakers with NO bass at all, and all i hear is obnoxiously ear piercingly loud speakers with far too much treble, and a sub in the back pounding.

    To me that is just stupid, i like a full sound stereo, with bass all around me, not enough to rattle the car but enough to sound clear and full, like many new high line cars offer.
    I love the way new car stereos sound, that is what im aiming for but what i have found is that they distort at high volume, i am trying to avoid this, i would like my stereo to be louder but still just as clear with that "full" sound.

    How do i go about doing this? any threads addressing this?

    -I would rather not have a subwoofer, unless needed
    -i have a pheonix gold 1200.1 rsd amp, can i use it for this setup?
    -also have a kicker kx300.4, use it or loose it?
    -i already have 0/1 guage wiring, and monster rca cables.

    I plan on buying an indash dvd/nav, most likely a kenwood, my budget excludes the cost of that and is about $800.

    btw this is going in a volvo 850 wagon.


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    yesterday, i had a huge post that answered everything, and then my computer went haywire...

    take 2:

    btw, welcome to the forums!

    for some of the points you made: most factory audio systems these days are starting to use subs and tweeters for better quality audio, so a sub can definately help.

    also, the equipment you have should work-- it is cheaper than the alternative

    these forums are primarily for installing computers in cars, so audio questions might be answered faster/better/differently on a dedicated audio forum(there is a sticky at the top of this forum area if your not sure where to start)

    i have a similar audio setup, so will comment a little:

    i would recommend a setup similar to what i have-- using a active setup, with a sub, and component speakers. (i have a convertible, and like loud, clear music)

    the reason for these: the sub will allow you to play loud without stressing your main speakers.

    a subs output is only limited by the amount you want(using the gain)-- you can tune it so there is almost nothing, or so that is all you hear...

    the active crossover will allow you to ditch the crummy passive crossovers on the components, and will allow you to tweak the level of the tweeters, mids, and subs to your prefered level, and will also allow more output, by allowing you to change the crossover point.

    that is good enough for now, if you have any questions about it, let me know

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