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Thread: hd radio without front end

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    hd radio without front end

    for the moment i am front endless im taking my time on deciding so my question is this. can you use either the visteon or directed hd radios with mitchjs cable without a front end? i know the boomzbox has its own standalone software but its a little expensive. i dont listen to the radio very often almost rarely but still want to keep that option open. if it can be done ill be happy if it cant then ill have to pony up for the box...what do you guys think?

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    there is a link to an app on mitch's site that will run the directed or visteon HD radio with Mitch's cable, it's called satamp
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    Or you could use the controller that comes with the Visteon and Directed units.

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    o ok i wasnt sure if that was just the software that allowed the cable to work with ride runner. all the post about the cable were from people usually running RR. i dont want to use the controller because i want the lilliput to be my only display and controller of that sort of stuff. thank you for the fast responses

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