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Thread: İs it possible to use semi-proffessional soundcards like crossovers?

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    maybe just try a 8 input for now, and see how you like it.

    after playing with my setup, i scrapped my rear speakers altogether...

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    Quote Originally Posted by durwood View Post
    the audigy cards use different codecs on some of the channels and the resampler is not so good causing a bit of extra garbage in the upper frequencies.

    1010LT says you can use 2 cards together for 16 channels, but I haven't seen anyone do it. Do you need more than 8?
    LOL Really??
    I run two Xonars (16 channels) for my 2-way active output (front/rear/sub/VU Meters), and the onboard soundcard for my HD Radio inputs and Mic input. That's 3 sound cards....

    However, I've only found 1 set of Asus hardware drivers that allow all 16 channels to be used in Audiomulch/ASIO4All...a LOT of trial and error, but it works beautifully...
    I can't say whatever two soundcard you choose will work properly though.

    Here is what it looks like in Audiomulch (minus the VU Meter output...I simplified the chain to allow 24bit/96Khz sampling)

    Here is another 'contraption' showing EQ, seperate crossovers and time alignment...

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