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Thread: Looking for External EQ

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    Looking for External EQ

    Okay guys i need an external Graphic or Parametric EQ. Whats the difference between the two anyway? Idealy i would like something with the following features. There probably isnt a device that does all this, but any mixture of them will do.

    Stereo RCA Input
    Digital input, either optical or coaxial
    Speaker volume control
    Sub volume control
    Sub L/R Output
    Speaker FL/FR/RL/RR output
    Aux Input 3.5mm
    Phone MUTE Wire

    Any suggestion? Advice?

    EDIT: If the EQ acts as a pre-amp, that would be nice to

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    a graphic eq has fixed center freq. ie: 20hz, 35hz, etc. a parametric eq has user adjustable center freq. ie: 20-80hz, etc.

    most eq's will have a rca input, though i haven't seen any with optical inputs/outputs.

    some will have a sub and speaker level control, others just have a sub level control.

    this clarion unit has a sub, and main level controls, (sub has a switchable lowpass at 60 or 90hz @ 12db/oct), has a aux rca input on the back, and has front, rear, and sub rca outputs:

    this hifonics unit has 2 rca inputs, preamp, switches for highpass(front/rear speakers)/lowpass(sub), 3 band eq(low, mid, high), and sub, main vol, and fade:

    this earthquake one is very similar, and has a 3.5mm aux jack in the front, and rca aux in the back(though i think they are tied to gether internally)

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    You don't specify a price ceiling. Soundman98 has provided some good ideas in the reasonable cost range. I particularly like the bang for the buck of the Hiphonics unit. The Clarion and the Hiphonics are analog preamps and neither has SPDIF digital input.

    If cost is no object, there are several digital EQ's that have optical input and ability to do most of what you want. I don't know that any one unit will have 100% of your wish list. In the $400 and up price range, check out the Zapco DSP6, Audison Bit One, Alpine RUX-C701 Controller with PXA-H701 sound processor, and the soon to be released JBL MS-8. The Alpine H701 is out of production but comes up for sale on Ebay frequently. $400 is the starting point for used equipment. All of these are $550-600 and up new. I purchased the Alpine equipment a few years ago and it works well with a Car PC using the optical input. The EQ and crossover options are comprehensive and it probably offers the best bang for the buck among the digital units. I also have a Zapco DSP-6 but have not installed it yet. The Zapco has optical input and six channels of independent parametric EQ. It does not have volume control built in and requires an external line driver with volume control if you use the optical input.

    I was into car audio in a big way during the 80's and early 90's. Then, family and job considerations took over and I just lived with whatever came from the factory. Car PC's and some of these new digital EQ capabilities have revived my interest in a big way. I am currently building and installing systems in a 2001 Pathfinder and 1995 BMW 525i wagon.

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